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This was one of those weeks with lots of things going on…

First, I had to make enough time to push myself onto getting started with what I had left to do to finally get going with sewing pillows.

So, I did my regular, highly complicated warm-up consisting of several brain cell excersises, such as drinking coffee, and, well, another coffee, some psychological preparations ( = which in my world is yet another coffee) and stretching.

After those difficult excercises, which took all day,  I managed to finish it all very quickly, that´s the way it usually goes. Everytime I´m supposed to do something I create a plan and everytime the plan is to be set into work it goes the usual way – But luckily the result is really good each time, this time it looks like


Ninainvorm’s porcelain and postcards

Nina’s blog

Ninas Etsy shop

images: Ninainvorm

Beautiful pillow

finished …, originally uploaded by monaw2008.

I really LOVE LOVE LOVE this pillow!!!

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Letterpress Paper House Kits – One Canoe Two

I love, love, love this  beautiful letterpress paper house kit, illustrated and letterpressed by1canoe2.

1canoe2 is a team of mad-crafting duo based out of Mid-Missouri, Carrie and Beth.

Also seek out their other products, they are all gorgeous!

images: 1canoe2

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Looking for warmth

Snow, cold, darkness … Yes, the days are slightly longer but not long enough! Not here in Gothenburg.

The only reason why I like winter is because it has AN END. I really hope that it right now is finally at the end … Do not misunderstand me, I like WHITE color but not when it is mixed with COLD.

And so here’s some warm colors for your heart and soul (things I´m working on right now):

… some ideas on how to survive the winter?