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Few words

This morning is a start of something new, a way of reaching out with my collection to all of you.  

Balance is not what inspires me, chaos is. And who is better off helping me than my lovely family? Creating chaos is a task that does not need arguing about, they fall for it immediately. To illustrate this I’ll share the incident of yesterday with you: The man of the house was looking for the remote control; under te sofa, in the kitchen, wardrobe, bathroom…and so on. He turned the whole house upside down but it never, not in a million years, occurred to him that the remote control might be in the living room, where it ‘s supposed to be. That would be weird now, wouldn’t it? This process can be applied to at least one item or argument each day. And I love it.  

A lot of hard work lies beyond this, as does every painting, every card, every single thing that I put together painfully while at the same time making my family want to run as far away from the house as possible. My humour is not the problem, their ability to freaking understand a creative woman is! But, as I am the passionate and loving person, one huge cup of coffee makes me forget about and forgive almost everything.

 Now, as I’m sitting here in front of the computer, with an endless source of philosophical deep thoughts about world peace and chocolate, the day stands before me, I must say; It’s a pleasure to meet you, we’ll have a lot of interesting, giving, discussions in the time to come.

Can you feel the cynism/irony in the air? Aaah, what a lovely breeze.

With this I welcome you.