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Looking for warmth

Snow, cold, darkness … Yes, the days are slightly longer but not long enough! Not here in Gothenburg.

The only reason why I like winter is because it has AN END. I really hope that it right now is finally at the end … Do not misunderstand me, I like WHITE color but not when it is mixed with COLD.

And so here’s some warm colors for your heart and soul (things I´m working on right now):

… some ideas on how to survive the winter?

Good Monday

This weekend the weather sucked, so I stayed at home and turned the whole house upside down, it was quite relaxing. Though I’m not sure if the rest of the house appreciated it as much as i did, starting early in the morning, I figured that a lot of those things I thought I had thrown away actually still was here in the house.
Hidden of course but still, they weren’t lost, thrown away, eaten by a dog etc. I’ve found myself experiencing this much more often when the sky is grey, on Sundays, when I’m bored and/or a combination of the above.