Cabinet paradise

More and more, when I pass a furniture shop I find myself turning my head to the other side, because each of them is almost the same with small variations of furniture … Mostly same boring color, same shape, same style, the difference is only in name!

I do not think the house should be full of all possible colors and shades, but slightly different forms and colors. I am tired of the fact that most homes look like a furniture store … so if you already have the need to have a sofa, cabinets, carpet, etc.  that does not mean that some of these things can not also be a decoration and a matter that has a purpose…

I am particularly outraged at the cabinets … Several boards are always made in the same way, only different in colors … and not great bright ones … everything must be so boring neutral ..

I was really happy when I encountered the Dust Furniture. Quote:”Dust Furniture is a collection of studio furniture from craft artist Vincent Thomas Leman.  Vincent has built one-of-a-kind pieces for years but released this line  to accommodate the demand for reproducible versions of his work.”  There is a more detailed description on his site>>

Worth a look and here are two pieces that I like the most:

Another fantastic example of imagination, forms, unusual combinations of different materials shows disajner South African (Johannesburg) duo of  Danielle Ehrlich and Ewald Grovè:


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