Kitchy Things & Co

Today, I surfed around for kitchy things (don’t ask me why) and found this:

1. bag  & telephone-

bag telefon
2. beauty kit, coin purse, onion googles, lamborghini memory stick –  Totaly funky
    totaly funky
Suddenly, it struck me that I have some things at home belonging to that category:

1. I found this piggy bank in a second hand store , it’s really old and was used many years ago for saving money to pay telephone bills.

2. The Kitchen Gang!

3. This makes my heart smile! A super ultra  hightech modern toy from my childhood.

4.I dragged these dolls all the way from Bulgaria  some years ago.

5.  A Birthday gift from my dad; this year The Cat  celebrates its 35th Birthday.

And here’s one thing I love! My daughter made this when she was 12 years old. She told me it’s a Chinese woman … well, she’s creative but I don’t know if I see what she sees.

She is 20 now, studies Chinese and this is the corner of her room :

Yes. she really IS 20 and in a month she’ll be in Shanghai and I can’t but wonder if she’ll take those with her:)


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