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This was one of those weeks with lots of things going on…

First, I had to make enough time to push myself onto getting started with what I had left to do to finally get going with sewing pillows.

So, I did my regular, highly complicated warm-up consisting of several brain cell excersises, such as drinking coffee, and, well, another coffee, some psychological preparations ( = which in my world is yet another coffee) and stretching.

After those difficult excercises, which took all day,  I managed to finish it all very quickly, that´s the way it usually goes. Everytime I´m supposed to do something I create a plan and everytime the plan is to be set into work it goes the usual way – But luckily the result is really good each time, this time it looks like

Shadeé’s room


Shadeé’s room, originally uploaded by Lil*Miss*Cupcake.














Absolutely beautiful colours and shapes

My Favorite Art Piece & The Shelves We Built, originally uploaded by walldancers.

Great work!

Summer Garden Cupcakes

Summer Garden Cupcakes, originally uploaded by Fair Cake.

Gorgeous cupcakes!

sewing area

sewing area, originally uploaded by devotedsatellite.

It looks sooooo great!!!